Dávid Fekete, Author at CDESK


Your satisfaction is also ours, so CDESK is constantly
improved based on your requirements.
In the news you will find out what changes and improvements the new versions bring.
Types of deals, templates for posts in requests, improved import in CMDB and other new features
Version 3.1.2 introduces a new feature of templates in request posts, includes improvements to importing items in the configuration database, introduces deal types, and many other useful features or enhancements.
New type of communication on requests, status widget of requests, better interfacing with JIRA and other improvements
The version 3.1.1 comes with improvements for almost every module. A new tab was added in Requests to allow the same communication as in the mail client, invoicing was improved in Deals, Fulfillments can record membership validity.
What’s new in CDESK 3.1.0
Version 3.1.0 comes with major changes for CDESK that make it an even more user-friendly and versatile tool with deployment possibilities in a wide range of scenarios.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.194
Version 3.0.194 comes with a new connector for determining GPS coordinates, improvements in advanced filter control, discussions on requests and many other useful features.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.193
Version 3.0.193 brings an improved dashboard, new options and features for working with requests, linking to Waze navigation, CDESK in Polish and much more.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.192
With the version 3.0.192, many useful features have been added that bring new possibilities for using CDESK, such as the report for capacity planning from open requests with offer, the option to print a CI object form, new notifications for the Paid Time Off Requests module, and many more.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.191
Update 3.0.191 includes more comprehensive functionality for Approval of Fulfillments. It also introduces internal attachments on requests and many other useful features.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.190
Version 3.0.190 brings a new form for offers, new roles for receiving notifications, drafts for fulfillments and many other features that simplify your work with CDESK.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.189
The version 3.0.189 comes with the information on the number of requests waiting for a response and missed requests displayed in the main menu.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.187
Version 3.0.187 brings login to CDESK via Azure Active Directory, direct access to computer via an Easyclick request and other useful functions. We are officially releasing the first version of the Outlook Plugin.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.186
With the version 3.0.186, a new module Paid Time Off Requests has been added to CDESK. This update also brings a new way of sorting mail communication, group management of assignee selection and many other useful features.
What’s new in CDESK 3.0.185
Version 3.0.185 comes with new login security, an improved list of service outages and other new features.