CDESK Business

Bring an order to your company's work evidence. Overview of opened cases and fulfillments records lets you manage your business more effectively

CDESK Business is our simplest, but powerful product of most used CDESK features. Although it only consists of some modules for a friendly price, many companies may consider it sufficient because of it's benefit in making an overview in opened work organization and all business cases.

This structured evidence offers great added value in cooperation with Billing module. Business product then becomes a full-featured tool for invoicing of recorded and performed work for your customers. 

Try CDESK Business and bring a necessary

order into your business NOW!


Product content

  • Cases (Projects) - evidence of contracts and performed work
  • Planning with term allocation options, Planning calendar
  • Calendar connector - Exchange, Gmail synchronization
  • Mobile application with offline functions
  • Communicator - chat between operators and customers


  • Billing of work, structured contracts evidence
  • Running portal on your own https:// address

Included modules in CDESK Business


Cases (projects) - business cases evidence

Customized case and status categorization

Entering of fulfillments and performed work under specific case by date and duration

Fulfillments approval / denial 





  • Interactive Planning calendar displaying of all CDESK Business events by operators, terms and types
  • Planning of Periodical, repeated tasks in future with specific selection of intervals
  • Tasks delegation to specific operators and groups, seting various deadlines and response terms


Calendar connector

  • Synchronization of events into Planning calendar for better overview
  • MS Exchange - synchronization via one common account or each account separately
  • GMAIL (free) - each account can be synchronized with CDESK Planning calendar separately
  • Google apps - same as MS Exchange



Mobile application with offline functions

Access CDESK Business from your mobile smartphone or tablet device

Enter fulfillments also when offline - they will be uploaded once the device becomes online




Communicator with chat between operators or customers with account

Quick response on text messages via chat window

Browse contact list and see who is online




Extra charged modules for CDESK Business


Billing of work, structured contracts evidence

Detailed, structured evidence for billing of work including contracts, extra charged services in various rates, divided into invoicing periods, transport fees

Evidence of internal works without adding them into an invoice, setting selected work records invisible to customers 

Basis for evaluating of employees' motivation



Being on your own https:// address

Access CDESK portal running on your own domain

Regardless to the CDESK portal operation method - running as cloud or "on-premises" service



Try CDESK Business and bring a necessary

order into your business NOW!