Keep the business activities operating. Work with customers and contacts data, plan activities and convert all opportunities into profits

CDESK CRM offers more than common CRM system - complex evidence of business cases with ways to capture opportunities. For selected ERP system we support mirroring of interconnections between product, customer and sales result from the angle of goods and service purchases, turnover and payment discipline provides valuable information to your sales department during building a prosperuous business. Constant monitoring and commemoration of contracts gives merchants an overview of business activities happening around. Various attributes, planning and notes will provide them with clear information to fulfill daily objectives.

Functionality can be extended by variety of CDESK modules which bring completely new dimension - workflow management of all tasks regarding to your activities, planning and evidence of worked time, capturing of all communication with customers and deeper linking to the subject of your business, e.g. service history, centralized device documentation and optimizing of travel costs.

At an affordable price here comes a variable tool, which is functionally far ahead from competition. Keep your entire company's agenda accessible from one place.


Product content

  • CRM module - business agenda of sales and opportunities
  • Cases (Projects) - contracts and performed work evidence
  • Planning with term allocation options, Planning calendar
  • Calendar connector - Exchange, Gmail synchronization
  • Message processing of authorized e-mails - creation of requests, posts
  • Knowledge Base of know how, procedures, tips and other information
  • Mobile application with offline functions
  • Communicator - text chat between operators and customers


  • Helpdesk with SLA - task workflow organization
  • Accounting software connector for synchronization of customers, contacts, invoices and stock records into CDESK
  • Message processing of all e-mails sent to company's public addresses with various sorting rules
  • Maps* with tasks and routes of your operators and customers
  • GPS vehicle tracking* for location monitoring of vehicles
  • Billing of work, structured contracts evidence
  • Object database CMDB, advanced SLA terms on all objects - customers, devices, places, etc.
  • Integration with CM - our IT monitoring and management tool
  • Running portal on your own https:// address

* Map system and GPS vehicle tracking are only available with enabled Helpdesk with SLA extension for CRM package 


Included modules in CDESK CRM


CRM module 

  • Evidence of Leads, Opportunities and business Cases
  • Management of customers and contacts
  • Monitoring of orders and turnovers
  • Detailed attributes and records
  • Bulk mailing, campaigns, profiling of customers






Cases (Projects) - business cases evidence

  • Customized case properties by your needs
  • Entering of fulfillments and performed work by specific case od date of execution




  • Interactive Planning calendar displaying of all CDESK CRM events by operators, terms and types
  • Planning of Periodical, repeated tasks in future with specific selection of intervals
  • Tasks delegation to specific operators and groups, seting various deadlines and response terms



Calendar connector

  • Synchronization of events into Planning calendar for better overview
  • MS Exchange - synchronization via one common account or each account separately
  • GMAIL (free) - each account can be synchronized with CDESK Planning calendar separately
  • Google apps - same as MS Exchange



Message processing of authorized e-mails

  • Answers to notification e-mails from CDESK processed by custom sorting rules
  • Automated creation of new tasks or discussion posts to specific solvers



Knowledge Base

  • Structured records of knowledge available for selected operators and public, commented and linked with fulfillments in requests
  • Evidence of know-how, solved problems, procedures, tips and other information with pictures and HTML support
  • Documents and manuals for training of new employees



Mobile application with offline functions

  • Access CDESK portal running on your own domain
  • Regardless to the CDESK portal operation method - running as cloud or "on-premises" service



Communicator with chat between operators or customers with account

  • Quick response on text messages via chat window
  • Browse contact list and see who is online



Extra charged modules for CDESK CRM


Helpdesk with SLA

  • Scheduling of requests, tasks, based on SLA
  • Records and proposals approving, work evidence
  • E-mail and SMS notifications about deadlines
  • Assigning of requests adapted for individual needs operators and groups with recorded history
  • Discussion with customers, between operators
  • Acceptation of request completion with feedback rating from customers
  • Custom access rights for users, customers
  • Various ways of entering the requests - via CDESK portal, e-mail or web form
  • Substitution between operators with temporary access to their work
  • Rich, detailed helpdesk reports



Accounting software connector

  • Working in one environment - CDESK system
  • Both ways synchronization of invoices, stock records and work recorded in the accounting software
  • Stock goods releasing from accounting software through CDESK
  • Stock evidence and editation
  • Direct invoice creation



Message processing of
all e-mails to CDESK

  • Communication from various public e-mail addresses processed into CDESK CRM
  • Detailed sorting rules of processing - automated creation of requests or keeping the messages in special folder accessible by responsible operator
  • Discussion with customers processed and automatically attached to related requests
  • Operators can send their private messages into CDESK with special e-mail



Map systems

  • Exact geographical location evidence of customers and their places
  • Displaying of planned employee's places and routes by default vehicle's position
  • Selected request's fulfillments shown on map
  • Effective, quick route planning
  • Various map symbols and colors for distinguishing of request types and operators



GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking

  • Interconnection of benefits from Map systems with real time vehicle's position
  • Comparison of route plan with reality
  • Linking with several GPS providers and connection with GPS units in vehicle
  • Accurate current position of employee - possibility of operational plan changes (dispatching)



Billing of work, structured contracts evidence

  • Detailed, structured evidence for billing of work including contracts, extra charged services in various rates, divided into invoicing periods, transport fees
  • Evidence of internal works without adding them into an invoice, setting selected work records invisible to customers 
  • Basis for evaluating of employees' motivation



Object database CMDB,
SLA agreements

  • Recorded all objects in database - customers, contacts, devices, vehicles, supplies, etc. with relations between objects and archived history of changes
  • Providing services within the dealed SLA agreement with customers 
  • Setting of specific reaction terms and problem solution on each particular object in CMDB



Integration with Customer Monitor

  • Strong benefit of connecting Customer Monitor - IT monitoring and management tool and CDESK CRM
  • Direct creation of requests from problems occured on computers, further processing with Helpdesk
  • Easy ordering and extension of additional Customer Monitor functions

    Read more about CM



Being on your own https:// address

  • Access CDESK portal running on your own domain
  • Regardless to the CDESK portal operation method - running as cloud or "on-premises" service



Because CRM is being developed and our systems are constantly improved by your real needs, we would like to ask what you miss in your current CRM system. This will help us in developing the system to be closer to you!