Changes and Updates

E.g., 07/16/2019
E.g., 07/16/2019

Rearangement of request fields - optional parts have been moved to the "Advanced Data"

Bringing CMDB for customer account (reading only) – access to customer account in the CMDB can be set in the Admin area -> Users -> Customer Accounts -> customer specific -> Settings of main acces -> Access to the database objects

Option of equiment select in request for customer accountcustomer while working with request is abel to select device directly form CMDB, if applicable to the request.

Canceled the term "Nearby activities" (replaced by "task") – to manage the next activity you can now use the "Tasks"

Notifications imposing changes – after saving any change in CDESK notification appears in the strip at the top of the screen on the successful saving changes

The request checkbox "Block emailing" – added new option to block email notifikations in requests

Repair and addition of functionality for mass editing of customers and operators – Mass edit of selected customers and operators now supports change of several settings

Added privileges to modules – setting rights of individual operators to specific modules

Simplifying the screens for specifying requests through EasyClick – simpler and more transparent form for entering EasyClick requests

Renumbering of the priorities in terms of ITIL  we changed the numbering order of priority so as to be in line with ITIL standards. Priority 6 became the lowest and the highest is priority 1.

Added paging to the messages for processing display only a certain number of messages for processing on one side, creates new page after reaching the limit of messages per page

Added notification of discussion to the creator of request – new possibilities of notification settings, when added discussion comment in requests