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DS Property, a. s. has been operating since 2013 in Dunajská Streda, providing IT services, management and maintenance of property and premises, cleaning and janitorial services for many companies. It is in the provision of IT services that the cooperation with Inova Logic started in 2019.


DS Property wanted a tool to process their customers’ requests efficiently and clearly. It was necessary to ensure the organization and division of work between the individual departments, the registration and creation of statements of work performed for invoicing purposes.

“So far we have managed to address all the processes we needed. The advantage is the simple, clear environment and the possibility of configuration adjustments as needed,” said David Balaskó about CDESK.


Pre-deployment status

Phone calls, meetings even in the hallway, text or email messages. The result was a minimum of recorded tasks, instructions, incomplete and often even erroneous solutions to requests. The organisation of work got often stuck, and planning was very difficult.


Recording and further work with requests in the CDESK software is managed in the Requests module. Each request is assigned to a group or assignee and linked to a company or a deal.

DS Property provides its services to renowned Slovak companies, such as Istermeat, Euromilk, Világi Winery, Kukkonia Farm House, Hotel Amade Chateau, Mol Football Academy, FK DAC 1904, MOL Arena, etc. It is therefore important to distinguish which company, which specific branch and which place the request concerns. CDESK can capture all this in the request because the companies are registered in the Address Book. The branches and places linked to the companies are registered in the Configuration Database.

The catalogue of requests facilitates the work with requests. When creating a request through the catalogue of requests, the user selects the tile that best describes the request subject, for example, Purchase or Start of a New Employee. When the tile is clicked, the request form with pre-populated fields is displayed.

Dlaždice katalógu požiadaviek
Figure: Tiles in the catalogue of requests

In addition to predefined fields, request templates provide the possibility to approve and define automatically generated work orders. Both features are used in DS Property.

Work Orders allow a more complex request to be broken down into smaller, manageable units. It is this division of tasks that comes in handy when a new employee is required to start a new job. In DS Property, work orders are set to automatically generate after a certain value of a User-Defined Field is filled in. For example, a work order to provide work aids will only be generated if the new employee requires work aids is checked on the request. This makes the whole process very easy to automate.

Approval is used for major decisions related to the resolution of a request. For example, if there is a request for a purchase, it is important that it is first approved by a designated staff member.  

The work done on the requests is recorded using Fulfilments. The tasks together with the requests can be linked to Deals which are then used to create the basis for invoicing.

Message Processing greatly simplifies communication when users reply to notification emails in the CDESK tool and their response is then matched to the resolved request.  


Thanks to the features described above, the work organisation has been significantly improved. The CDESK software has enabled the company to digitise all relevant processes.

DS Property, a.s. chose the CDESK software also because it is a Slovak product that can be customized and modified according to the user’s needs and the whole system is wrapped in a simple and intuitive environment. Moreover, DS Property highlights its positive experience with communication with CDESK product representatives.

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