CDESK in a Nutshell

The strength of CDESK lies in its modifiability tailored to your business. Discover what's inside it.

Basics for a Successful Business

The most important things needed for your business can be found in basic modules. These modules form the basic pillars of business for our clients to rely on at any time.
We will be happy to help you combine the right constellation of tools and modules for your business.


The customer is satisfied if his REQUESTS are fulfilled well and on time. Do it effectively and benefit from it.

All requests in the palm of your hand

Clear list of requests with advanced search and filtering option. Quick access to the request editing. Export to XLS function.

Priority View Function

Activate Priority View to see which requests are pending and which are due. Advanced search and filtering of requests is a matter of course.



Working with a request is tuned up according to the best criteria ­­– based on the requests of the CDESK users. The system is set up for efficiency. Moreover, it provides space for modifications.

The data you need

If CDESK does not contain the item you need for the management of requests, you can add it via Custom Properties.

In addition, you can define your own rules for generating requests (the Regular Requests feature) and custom templates (the Request Templates feature).

In other words, comprehensiveness and flexibility.



CDESK provides you with intelligible, flexible and proven tools for the professional management of deals.

Management of deals from A to Z

Registration of the deal. Implementation planning with cost estimation. Division of tasks and monitoring of fulfillments. Recording of related processes and documents. Accurate statements and hassle-free billing. And finally, the order and overview you have always dreamed of.

Costs under control

Internal Plans will probe into the costs of human resources. External Cost Plans will gain control over suppliers. Other Planned Items can handle material, transport and everything else.

In the Records of Real Costs, plans are compared with reality and you can see where your money is being lost. Besides, you get an overview in related documents and perfect materials for deal invoicing.



The customers must always know what they are paying for. CDESK provides you with the clear and credible tools to show it.




Complete records of employees’ work.

Get an overview of the workload of your employees from the work done.

Create invoices with a precise breakdown of work in a split second.

Add to fulfillments the information about the used material, delivered goods, transport costs and parking fees.



Some wiseman said that information means power. CDESK gives you opportunity to benefit from it.

Even your shoe size…

It is up to you to decide what data do you want to record about your contacts. Favourite restaurants, strengths and weaknesses, the date of birthday or even the shoe size… There are no limits.

Source of competitive advantage

The order and systematic character of Address Book is a condition sine qua non, in other words basic condition, without which your communication will not be able to compete. However, the Address Book module goes further. In addition to the flexible record keeping, CDESK creates conditions for effective use of the information by linking the Address Book to other system modules.

Information means power. Quality processing of contact data can therefore be a source of your competitive advantage. Nothing you can do with the usual Excel address book…


Configuration Database, CMDB

Record all objects in a user-configurable database.

Powerful tool with high value

Creation of a complete database of company objects, with all the necessary details and links, is a challenge even for a team of IT specialists. Even if they succeed, the product may soon need adjustments, adding new object types or new data. Because of this, programming a quality database becomes expensive and time-consuming.

Alternatively, you can use CDESK which offers you a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that meets the above criteria.

All objects in the palm of your hand. As detailed as you need.

CMDB is an advanced record keeping of all the objects you use to provide your services. Wherever they are, you have them in the palm of your hand – computers, machines, devices, buildings, operations, workplaces, etc. Together with the documentation, contracts, the history of repairs and other information you want to keep track of. In addition, objects can be linked to other elements of your business – requests, work scheduling, SLA/SLO, etc.


The unique advantage of the CDESK configuration database is its flexibility. No restrictions on predefined templates and pre-programmed fields. You can create custom groups and object types, your custom fields. You set permissions, manage SLA and SLO for each group or object type separately. All without any knowledge of programming.

No need to have a database specialist, you can create a data structure tailored to your business yourself. This is the power that makes CDESK exceptional.



Set the deadlines that will prove the quality of your services.


SLA (Service Level Agreement) defines working times and support-related deadlines – first response deadline, completion date and deadlines for alternative solutions.

Zoznam SLA MacBook

You can set specific reaction deadlines for individual objects or groups in the configuration database. These you can adjust separately for each day as well as for public holidays.


Zoznam SLO

SLO (Service Level Objective) defines parameters for service availability. It is a percentage of the minimum service availability over certain time period. It is also possible to document the maximum downtime and take account of planned work.



Have you always dreamed about having your mail automatically processed? CDESK will provide you with a higher level of message management.

All your messages in one place

The basic feature of the Message Processing module is an organized list of emails – whether they come from your customers or employees. No need to check multiple mailboxes, all mails are clearly organized in one place.


CDESK will give you more than an ordinary email client. Its key benefit is automation that saves a lot of your precious time.

As you command…

First, define the criteria that the system will use to automatically sort messages. Then determine the actions to take if the criteria are met. Based on the received emails, CDESK will be able to create requests or other items automatically.

As you can see in the screen sequence below, the process of creating automation rules is clear and intuitive.

The process of defining rules for performing automated actions
The process of defining rules for performing automated actions



Reporting directly in CDESK

Evaluate information from CDESK. Export data from the lists to an Excel report with just one click.

CDESK also includes preconfigured .pdf reports that are constantly expanding.

If CDESK needs to report more complex statistical data, it can do so by a separate module Reports.

POWER BI – reporting tool usable over all CDESK modules

Connect to CDESK via API and create your reports with Microsoft Power BI. You can easily create them based on the freely available .pbix model where you can find a number of sample charts and predefined data to display.

Forms and reports tailored to your needs

If you need your custom form created during a specific action, such as service log creation when completing a request, CDESK provides support to run a custom report creation tool during these actions. The data exchange is done via API. Report creation can be provided entirely by our team, or we can offer our assistance in creating it.



Approval processes for requests, offers and vacations. Put any doubts aside.

I approve, you approve, we approve

CDESK provides you with an efficient tool for swift and transparent approval of requests, offers and vacation requests. Each decision is properly documented in the system. No misunderstandings, no delays.


For every scenario and cast

Individual approval processes differ and are not always easy. CDESK allows for this and provides space for different scenario alternatives. Approvals can be sequential or parallel with possible setting of the minimum number of approvals required, etc. However, it comes as no surprise for a system whose watchword is flexibility.

E - mail notification of the approval process
E – mail notification of the approval process
Transparent process

For an efficient functioning of the company it is essential that approval processes run transparently. That means:

  • clear role of each approver in the process
  • precisely defined criteria for the result of approval (decision)
  • perfectly managed communication – immediate notification of all interested parties about the progress of the approval process and the final decision.

CDESK creates conditions for all the above criteria.



Be ready for action wherever you are.

Thanks to the mobile application, you can have your data always with you. This facility will be appreciated especially by the people working in the field. The mobile application helps you with the performance of work and its recording, because you can access the information you need right on your smartphone or tablet.

Even without the Internet

The application also works offline. When reconnected to the web, the application automatically synchronizes with all system users.

The app is supported by Android and iOS.

iOS version of the CDESK mobile application
iOS version of the CDESK mobile application
Android version of the CDESK mobile application
Android version of the CDESK mobile application



If you provide services where the issuing of goods or materials is required, you will appreciate the CDESK Stocks module. The Stocks module can be used in two modes: for issuing goods without tracking your balance, or with greater administrative consistency and tracking of the real balances.

Thanks to the possibility of interconnecting of CDESK with ERP, you can use the stocks functions with even greater benefits. You can eliminate unnecessary human movements by transferring stock cards from ERP as well as by transferring created stock documents to ERP.



Avoid misunderstandings when making a reservation.

Reservations in the calendar
Reservations in the calendar

The Reservation module allows you to make a reservation for any object in the company. The module is accessible to your employees as well as to your customers.

Possibility to sort items into categories that you create by yourself makes working with reservations easier. You can also define your own booking items. Be efficient and flexible.



Plan your obligations. Fast, simply, efficiently.


Tasks in CDESK can exist as separate items or as a part of requests or deals dividing them effectively into smaller and simple activities. The philosophy of simplicity is also reflected in the design of the task system – choices are minimized and only the fields that you need are displayed.

No restrictions

When we talk about simplicity of CDESK, we never mean simplicity in terms of limiting flexibility. Therefore, you can keep records of fulfillments in Tasks, set up a group to be an assignee, add an assistant assignee. Make your system as comprehensive as you like.




Noticeboard – Features Overview

All information for your employees. At one place.

Noticeboard is the information box of your company. Every user can clearly see the information that is important for them in the present time.

The posts on the Noticeboard can be addressed to assignees or operators and organized into folders. The content of the Noticeboard is of unlimited duration, however, the author of the post can delete it. You can, of course, see the time when the addressee read the notification.

Announcements – Features Overview

The signboard of your company.

Announcements are designated for all your employees and customers. They appear directly in the Dashboard so that nobody misses anything important.

The announcements can be sorted into transparent categories that you create yourself. An important announcement can be given priority.

Unlike the Noticeboard module, messages in Announcements can have a limited time validity.



Operational work on a large computer.

The desktop application will make your work more efficient. We made efforts to enable you to do all the common operations as quickly as possible. Moreover, it can work offline.

Mac Application
Mac Application
Mac Application
Mac Application
Detail of the requirement in the desktop application
Detail of the requirement in the desktop application

A hint for you: If some of your employees can do most of their work with the desktop application with minimal web access, you can save money. For such workers, buy a cost-effective. CDESK Silver license.



CDESK contains components that mediate the connection with other software services and thus suitably extend its functionality – from basic system services for access authentication to the connection to applications.

Functionality in a few clicks

The following connectors are currently available:

Access authentication – authentication of access to CDESK through external services. Some services can automatically create CDESK accounts, class into groups for management of permissions or into hierarchy of superiors. The following access authentication methods are available:

  • Active Directory  / LDAP
  • Single Sign On (SSO ADFS)
  • Azure Active Directory

Services to improve the internal functionality of CDESK

  • SMS gateways – send SMS from CDESK via the selected supplier
  • FinStat – supplement data on companies when creating new records, check payment discipline towards state institutions and financial health of the company.
  • Exchange – display dates from CDESK in Outlook calendar.

Connections with applications

  • JIRA – linking with the project tool (projects, issues, worklog)
  • Money S4/S5 – connection with ERP system (address book, orders, stock cards, invoices)
  • ABRA – connection with ERP system (address book, orders, stock cards, invoices)
  • SCCM – import and update the list of computers from SCCM to CDESK.
  • DOAS – link to software for car sales and servicing (address book)

Link to third-party services

  • Securiton PCO – 24/7 processing of reports from CDESK and CM at the centralized protection desk operated by SECURITON Servis.



An interactive overview of all deadlines.

The Calendar module is an effective tool for work planning. It will provide you with a perfect overview of activities in time, with possible classification by individual assignees. It displays requests and expected completion deadlines of tasks, deals, reservations and vacations. The Calendar makes the missed deadlines be a thing of the past.



Manage execution of the request. Efficiently.

Divide (the work) and rule

The Work Orders are an effective tool for splitting work on individual requests. They precisely define the actions that are needed to meet a given request.


Unlike Tasks, a work order affects the SLA calculation.

Efficient management

It is possible to sort the work orders, manage their visibility and register multiple parameters for the evaluation. Since the work order is firmly linked to the request, some actions can be automated. To track its work progress, any object from the Configuration Database can be added to the work orders.

The work orders are the ideal tool for solving the requests that involve multiple workers. Thanks to the sorting function of orders, workers can only see their assignment when the previous work orders have been completed and thus the conditions to start new work.



Pricing for provided services, delivered goods and accompanying fees.

No compromises

The Price Lists module covers all items and services that require pricing. It is divided into three parts: Service Price Lists, Work Price List and Transport Price List. Select items from the Price Lists when creating new Deals and Fulfillments.

Service Price Lists

Here you can keep a record of provided services. It can be a single service or multiple services grouped in one package. Your customers will appreciate different types of discounts that can be associated with services.

Work Price List

In this price list you set the price of work the customer orders from you. You can record your work at an hourly rate, at a rate for unit or at a flat rate.

Transport Price List

This price list provides an overview of the prices associated with transport. Prices can be made for each customer separately.



Link with Customer Monitor is a suitable choice for IT companies providing IT services as well as for companies that are interested in providing not only communication processes but also monitoring and management of IT infrastructure and equipment.

Complete record in one place

Computers and devices registered in Customer Monitor are transferred to the register of objects in CDESK (to the CMDB). This makes it possible to keep a complete record with all the necessary parameters.

Fast request entry and immediate remote computer access – Easyclick

Thanks to the link between CDESK and the computer registered in Customer Monitor, you get two useful functions at once.

For the end user, it is a quick and convenient entry of Easyclick requests.

For a technician, it simplifies remote access to the computer directly from the Easyclick request.

Automatic creation of requests from troubles

Troubles in the IT infrastructure should be entered for assignment as soon as possible and the progress of the assignment process should be monitored. This can be achieved in CDESK with CM by an automatic creation of requests for the troubles that occur. Do not forget to record the already solved trouble through the manual request entry.

Reduce requirements for administration

Interconnection with Customer Monitor reduces requirements for administration. From the administrator’s point of view, there is only one system (one environment) and one configuration to be administrated.
More information on the software Customer Monitor can be found on the homepage.



Have you just experienced a server outage that you weren’t prepared for? Were you surprised to learn that it was planned?

Nothing like this happens to you if you use the CDESK Scheduled Work module. The Scheduled Work module provides an overview of planned works, informs the persons concerned and records real outages. You get a means to keep your customers informed in a timely manner without unpleasant surprises. You can also demonstrate that you ensure the agreed availability of services in the long term.

How to get to know about the scheduled work

Information in the portal is provided by a linked module Announcements, by the Dashboard widget and the e-mail notification. Thanks to this, users are informed about important works in a timely manner.

Prove reliability

Show that you have met the scheduled work on time. If you have exceeded some workʼs deadline, CDESK can calculate whether you are still meeting the contract terms. The best is to schedule work above objects in the configuration database, so you get directly reports with calculated availabilities that you can present to your customer.



Good contracts make good friends.

Clara pacta, boni amici

Do you provide services based on regular fees? Do your customers enjoy different types of discounts? Are your services tied to contractors? The Contracts module will bring order and precision to the complexity. Clear rules of cooperation, no unpleasant surprises for customers. These are the right prerequisites for your coffers’ countenance…

It’s the details that make the difference

Missing item, incorrect data, unclear wording. Any small thing in the contract can turn a successful business into a fiasco. CDESK deals with contracts in a way that does not guarantee your infallibility, but helps it greatly.

The basis is that you have free hand in parameters that contracts can contain. It is possible to define specific contract rules for each customer, e.g. contractual penalties. Linking to the Configuration Database and Price Lists speeds up work and helps prevent errors.

Automatic billing

Contract billing is the key element for your cash flow. CDESK’s ability to bill contracts automatically will help significantly. You just set the time and the way. Simple.



Customize CDESK forms to suit your needs. Simply.

I don’t have the field I need…

In CDESK, you are not limited to use only the pre-installed fields. Custom fields enable you to easily add the features and codebooks you need.

You have a choice

User-Defined Fields module provides a wide range of value types to choose from – text, number, date, check box, hyperlink, option field, conditional display… In addition to that, you decide which items are required.
You can create pre-filled lists of values yourself or they can be automatically filled from existing records in the system – e.g. from the CMDB Configuration Database or the Users module. It is also possible to set a default value in the codebook.

Complex cases are not a problem

The unique advantage od CDESK is the possibility to combine different types of values and to set the visibility of values depending on the others (conditional display). Simple and incredibly practical.



Recording and sharing know-how among designated persons. The genome and the memory of your company.

Register of knowledge and solutions

In case of any incident or problem, the user will no longer have to search for a solution laboriously. All available solutions, gathered knowledge and experience, guides and manuals can be easily found in the knowledge base. Do not waste your time on unnecessary searching, do not start over, do not invent a wheel again.

Use the possibility to disclose selective information from the knowledge base to your customers.



API in CDESK allows you to address almost anything that can be done through the frontend. You can read any data, create any object, change the status, move the date on any item. This makes CDESK one of the advanced software with open interface to communicate with other software, to bulk load data or to add functionalities according to your processes.

What is it good for?

For creating logs and reports according to your design and processes.

Process stored data and received emails in CDESK according to your rules. This can be used to connect to other helpdesks. Message processing from monitoring software and other reports according to which certain action is performed in CDESK, e. g. request creation to hire new employee.

Import and synchronisation of data from your databases and software into CDESK. API can be also used to enter data into Power BI models.



Less formal and flexible records of purchases.

The Shopping List module is a digital equivalent of a traditional shopping list, without a risk of loss or deletion. The aim is to buy the goods on time and at minimal cost. This will allow you to perform tasks on schedule and efficiently.

Shopping List
Shopping List
Get rid of bad suppliers

Your company prospers only if you work with reputable suppliers. That means, more precisely, with the best. For this purpose, CDESK gives you a tool in the form of an evaluation system of suppliers. You will be able to identify problematic business partners, see their shortcomings and possibly show them the yellow or the red card.



This functionality is currently in preparation.

If you provide services to a customer who is already using CDESK or thinking about it, the interconnection between these systems will simplify the communication. Each of the parties works in their CDESK, where they can perform actions as if they were in the other party’s environment.

The upcoming functionality addresses interactive data exchange in the following scenarios:

  • Supplier creates the request from the customer.
  • Discussion between the supplier and the customer.
  • Submission of offers to the customer and approval.
  • Customer´s request testing.
  • Customer´s acceptance / rejection of the request termination.

The customer and the supplier can create the configuration bilaterally, so the same party can be one time customer and next time supplier.



Without a good offer you can lose customers even before they taste the quality of your products.

In the beginning was the…

Offer. Whether a new customer or a loyal regular, quality presentation of offers is the basis of a good business. You need to know to whom, when and what you offer, who solves the offer and how it progresses. The customer must be given an understandable, factually correct and neat offer to which he can respond in the simplest way possible.

CDESK will provide you with quality offer management to help turn the above requirements into reality.

Approval of offers

The system records both the offers submitted by you and the offers you received from your suppliers.

The system keeps track of both your offers and the offers received from your suppliers.

In the first case, you will use the “customer acceptance” function. The customer can approve or reject your offer directly in the system. The space for discussion and comments is provided. Speed, transparency, effective communication.

Suppliers’ offers can also be approved directly in the system. If you want to prevent wasting money, assign permissions to selected managers.



Records of the time off. With substitution.

CDESK allows you to record any type of time off you need – vacations, trainings, sick leaves, doctor visits, etc. Vacation balance is, of course, monitored as well.

List of holidays

With multi-level approval process, you get an unmistakable control over the allocation of the time off.

Do you need to be covered?

The Substitution provides the possibility to transfer authorizations from one operator to a substituting person. Do it in a fast and transparent way, without useless administration.



Requests to be assigned, a quick overview of announcements, new scheduled work… Find all you need on the Dashboard!

The Dashboard provides an overview of important information that prods you into action. You can set which widgets will be placed on this page and choose their size and layout at your own discretion.

You can also preset widgets for other users.



Thanks to the Scoreboard, you can keep a good track of everything. Overview of the number of request records and work orders – all on one screen.

The scoreboard gives you a view of the numbers you need to see on one screen. It can be the amount of open or finished work, tasks assigned to teams or claimed requests. It is up to you to choose the criteria for the view display.



Easy recording of attachments and documents (Document Management System)

You will no longer need to look for email attachments in the messages. CDESK gathers them in one place, in the DMS (Document Management System) module. In addition to that, CDESK organizes attachments effectively – it sorts them by customer and by object type, such as request, deal or fulfillment.

Every user can add their own non-email attachments to this archive.

Document Management System
Document Management System
Document Management System
Document Management System



Operators in particular use to receive e-mails in Outlook containing important information from which they need to create requests, tasks or add a discussion post to the request. Do it in a few clicks with CDESK Outlook Plugin!

CDESK a Microsoft Outlook

CDESK Outlook Plugin allows you to create requests, tasks and discussion posts directly from the email in Microsoft Outlook Plugin. This component is not limited to one CDESK account and can be connected to multiple CDESK accounts at once.


Not only you can use Outlook Plugin to create new entries, but you can also check the overview of all entries belonging to the given e-mail. This will give you the idea of what is already assigned and what is not yet.