5. August 2019
A short overview of changes and improvements.
16. March 2019
Again, CDESK was the general partner of the Slovak Squash Championship.
25. May 2018
CDESK allows you to work with personal data in compliance with the EU regulation known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), effective from May 25, 2018. The new generation CDESK 3.xx includes features that effectively help in solving GDPR issues.
31. October 2017
CDESK 3.0 - new UI, new functionality, improved technology.
2. June 2016
In the development of CDESK, we got to the next level and thus draw attention to new possibilities how to use CDESK
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Order, effectiveness, profit

We originally developed CDESK for our own needs. The results? Order, effectiveness and profit. Thus, we decided to offer CDESK also for our customers and we continuously improve it according to their feedback. And that is why we know that it works.