CDESK Modules List

In a quick overview, you will find out which modules are the right
ones for your business.
Requests with SLA (Helpdesk)

Solving customer requests within set deadlines with notification of their status.

  • Recording of ongoing work of workers
  • Follow-up of fulfillment/response deadlines, alternative solutions, SLA analysis
  • Choice of request type – Helpdesk, order, complaint
  • Possibility to add customer’s objects to which the request applies (from CMDB)
  • Custom properties
  • Discussion with customer
  • Internal discussion (invisible to customers)
  • Possibility to predefine own signatures displayed in the discussion
  • Automatic assignment of notification recipients with indication of reason
  • Optional adding and deleting of notification recipients, with history
  • Recording of history of changes in requests • Change management
  • An individual or a group may become an assignee
  • Categorization by type or area of service
  • Task creation and pooling as partial solutions
  • Adding offers with optional customer approval
  • Possible to keep unfinished request as a draft
  • Optional filters
  • SLA – setting of specific response terms to individual objects or groups in CMDB
  • Catalogue of requests with templates for task creation
  • Regular requests

Simple recording of ongoing and completed work according to customers, with direct invoicing, cost and human resource planning.

  • Register of extensive pieces of work
  • Deal budget and cost tracking
  • Grouping of requests and tasks
  • Planning of internal and external costs
  • Human resource planning
  • Recording of issued and accepted orders
  • Recording of stock documents
  • Invoicing and possible automatic invoicing with confirmation
  • Billing for services in multiple scenarios (post-paid/pre-paid)
  • Optional differentiation of internal and invoicing work
  • Hidden invoice items for records of costs inaccessible for customers
  • Billing of material, services, transportation, reference costs
  • Billing archive
  • Recording of work done on specific objects from CMDB configuration database
  • Billing of contracts and contractual penalties
  • Reinvoicing of costs from accepted invoices and bills

Recording of work done.

  • Keep track of the workload of your workers based on the work done.
  • Create invoices with accurate work schedule in a split second.
  • In Fulfillments you can register used material, delivered goods, transport costs and parking fees
Address book

All necessary data about companies and customers at one place.

  • Address book contains a clear list of companies and contacts in such a flexible structure that phone number and shoe size can be recorded side by side.*
  • Store at one place your personal contacts as well as contacts actively working with CDESK (they have a login).
  • You are not limited to predefined fields when entering data. It is possible to create your own fields that do not need to be the same for every customer.
CMDB configuration database

Recording of all objects in userconfigurable database.

  • Configuration database allows you to record objects/devices on which you provide your services and customers’ environment (operations, workplaces, buildings), contracts, amendments. It only depends on your rate of detail.
  • CDESK adapts to you – do not restrict yourself to preconfigured templates. You can create your own groups and object types. You can also set permissions, SLA and SLO for each group or object type separately.
  • Scheduled work – let your customers know about planned outage via CDESK.

Set the deadlines that will prove the quality of your services.


  • SLA (Service level agreement) in CDESK defines working times and terms associated with support, such as first response deadline, completion deadline and deadlines for alternative solutions.
  • For every object or a group in the configuration database you can set concrete reaction terms. Those can be set separately for each day as well as for the public holidays.


  • In our system, SLO (Service level objective) defines parameters for service availability. It is a minimum service availability for certain period expressed as a percentage.
  • In SLO you can document the maximum duration of outages as well as take the planned outage works into consideration.
Message processing

E-mail communication routing via public addresses, storing and processing of all messages in CDESK.

  • All messages at one place.
  • Message processing module provides an organized list of e-mails, whether from your customers or employees. No need to check numerous e-mail boxes, this module gives you a clear overview.
  • Messages can be easily accessed via search panel.
  • Customize message assortment and processing. CDESK will automatically create requests or other items.

In CDESK, everything is documented.

  • Export as necessary – most of the modules in CDESK provide export to XLS, pdf or HTML.
  • Wide range of customization to the most specific requirements.
  • After placing an order, analytical reports are delivered via a standalone reporting server. It contains a copy of the CDESK database and uses it to calculate data for the required views.
  • Data can be presented in other tools – from Excel to BI tools, such as Power BI and Qlik.

Fast and simple planning of work activities.

  • The Tasks module can work independently or can divide requests or deals on smaller and simpler activities. The simplicity of Tasks lies in minimizing the number of options and showing only those cells that are necessary for fulfillment of easier work.
  • On the other hand, you can register fulfilments in a task, set a group as an assignee , add helping assignees.
  • If you decide not to use Requests in CDESK, the Tasks module will allow you to run a simple task system reporting the job done
Word orders

Managed execution of requests.

  • This module helps to divide the work on requests. It is an independent item strongly tied to a request that defines the part of the work that needs to be done to meet the request.
  • Unlike Tasks, Work Orders affect counting of SLAs. You can order them, manage their visibility and make an assessment according to several parameters.
  • The Work Orders module is firmly tied with Requests module, therefore some operations are automatic. Any object from configuration database can be added here, so you can track the work progress on it.
  • Thanks to their sort function, work orders are ideal for addressing requests with multiple participating employees. The worker can see his assignment (work order) only when the work orders prior to his order are accomplished.
Additional properties

Customize the forms in CDESK according to your needs.

  • In CDESK you are not limited by predefined forms. Thanks to Additional Properties you can extend forms by self-defined properties and code lists.
  • An interesting feature is the possibility of combining different types of values into composite properties. In composite properties it is possible to set visibility of values depending on the others, such as conditioned display.
  • Text, number, date, check box, hyperlink, selection field, conditioned display…
  • This module provides you with wide range of value types to cover your needs.
  • Moreover, it is you who decide which items will be required.
  • You can create your own pre-filled lists of values, so-called code lists, or they can be automatically filled from existing records in the application, for instance, from CMDB Configuration Database or from Users. CDESK also offers the option to set a default value in the codebook.

Register of offers with customer acceptance.

  • Offers can only be approved by a supervisor. This will avoid unnecessary wasting
  • of money.
  • Customer can approve or reject your offer directly in the system. Space for discussion and comments on individual offers can help you with further raising of standards.
  • All offers are clearly arranged on the list. The list can be exported in XLS format.
  • Work with offers is faster thanks to the option of moving here items directly from the price list.

Approval processes for requests, offers and leaves.

  • Document your decisions. A simple tool when you want to give opinion on the type of requirement – request or leave.
  • The Approval module also informs other persons involved about the final decision.
  • There are multiple options how to design approval processes, you can decide the minimum number of approvers, approval method in parallel or in series.

All information designated for you employees clearly arranged at one place.

  • Noticeboard is a mailbox of your company where every user can find important information. As customers have no access to it, privacy within your company is preserved.
  • The content of the noticeboard has unlimited time validity. However, creator of the post can delete it. Posts can be directly addressed to assignees or operators.
  • Have a clear idea of reach of the information. CDESK keeps track of the time when workers read the notification.
  • Sort the pieces of information to user folders and make the noticeboard clearer.

Noticeboard in your company

  • Announcements are designated for all your workers and customers, displayed directly in the Dashboard.
  • Announcements are classified into transparent categories that you can make by your own. An important notice may be displayed preferentially.
  • Unlike Noticeboard, messages in Announcements can have limited time validity
Price list

Pricing for provided services, supplied goods and accompanying charges.

  • This module covers all items and services that require pricing. It is divided in three parts: Service Price Lists, Work Price List and Transport Price List.
  • Items from the Price list are selected when creating new Deals or Fulfillments.
  • Service Price Lists record the prices of provided services. In one package, there can be one, but also several services bundled together.
  • Your customers will especially appreciate various types of discounts that can be included into services.
  • In the Work Price List you can set the price of a work that the customer is going to order from you. Work is counted at an hourly rate, at a rate for unit or at a flat rate.
  • Transport Price List provides an overview of prices associated with transport. It is possible to create a price list for each customer separately.
Knowledge base

Recording and sharing of know-how among designated persons. Register of knowledge and solutions

  • Knowledge Base contains instructions and manuals.
  • In case of any incident or problem, user knows where to look for a solution.
  • Your customers can be also given access to this information.
  • The module is interconnected with Requests.
  • Knowledge Base currently operates in its basic version, while extensions are in preparation. To increase transparency, posts will be categorized. Option to specify whether the post is designated for assignees or customers will be added.
Vacation and substitution

Leave management with substitution.

  • You can record any type of leave you need in your company, such as vacations, work trainings, sick leaves, doctor visits and track your vacation balance.
  • Take control of leave allocation by multi-level approval process.
  • Substitution provides the option of transferring the authorization from one operator to the substitute without useless administration.

Don’t let your obligations lie dormant when you are not at work.

  • The module ensures transfer of noncompleted work on a substitute worker.
  • Approval can be optionally transferred on a substitute as well.
  • The authorizations can be adjusted to let the substitute person perform transferred obligations.
  • Substitution can be set automatically when taking a leave via Vacations module.
Mobile application

Quick access to CDESK data from mobile device also when at fieldwork.

  • The mobile application allows you to have your data always with you. It will be appreciated primarily by people working in the field.
  • The mobile application will help to note down your work, as you can access the data needed on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Even without the Internet – the application works offline. After reconnecting to Internet, it synchronizes automatically with all system users.
  • The application is supported by Android and iOS systems.
Desktop application

Operative work on a large computer.

  • Thanks to the desktop application, your work will be even more efficient. We arranged that you could perform any common tasks as quickly as possible. The application works offline as well.
  • If some of your workers are able to work mostly via desktop application with minimal access to the web, they can save you money. Such workers can be assigned CDESK Silver license (see more about CDESK Silver license in Price list
Integration of CM IT monitoring

Customer service expanded by highly-developed IT management.

  • Monitoring of the health and performance of infrastructure, servers, computers and applications
  • SW audit
  • HW recording (CMDB)
  • Remote management and maintenance
  • Backup automation
  • Deployable to outsourcing companies and internal IT departments of large enterprises
Connectors and API interface

API interface for data exchange between CDESK and other systems in your environment.

  • This feature widens even more the already wide CDESK functionalities. It provides an interconnection with other systems and let you make your own adapted forms or whole portal solutions.
  • Interconnections with integrated functionality, such as Active directory/LDAP, Exchange/Office365, SMS gate and FinStat are already prearranged in CDESK.
  • CDESK can connect to ERP economic systems, project management software (JIRA), other helpdesks and portals of different areas.
  • Based on your order, it is possible to connect to other systems.
Shopping list

Flexible and less formal management of purchases.

  • Shopping list module is a digital version of paper shopping list that will never be lost or deleted. Buy your goods on time and your colleagues will then meet the deadline too.
  • Have a clear idea of the reliability of your contractor thanks to the evaluation option. Only trustworthy contractors can make your company prosper.

Simple management of attachments and documents.

  • No need to search for attachments in messages. CDESK gathers all at one place – in the DMS module (Document Management System).
  • Moreover, DMS sorts the attachments by customers and object type, such as request, deal, fulfillment.
  • Users can add here their own attachments that were not attached to messages.
Reservation module

Let everybody know about your reservation and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

  • The module allows you to make reservation for any object in the company.
  • It is accessible to your employees as well as to your customers.
  • User himself can create categories that would simplify working with reservations.
  • He can define his own objects of reservations.

Overview of dates in an interactive calendar.

  • This module proposes a simple overview about activities in time. It displays requests, expected task completion dates, deals, reservations and vacations.
  • It can display status/overview according to individual assignees. It shows supposed deadline for a task completion.
  • Inevitable tool for work scheduling

Central register of customer contracts.

  • Owing to the Contracts module you can have all the contracts stored at one place.
  • You will make most of it if you provide services based on regular fees, allowing customers to use different types of discounts, cooperating with the partners that sell services and when having bound services.
  • Each of your customers will be clear about contract rules.
  • Contract are linked with Configuration database and Price lists.
  • Save time – CDESK can do the billing automatically. You just set time and form.
Customers and contacts

Organized database of customers with possible categorization.

  • Recording of customers and contacts
  • Creation of groups of customers with categories such as region, area of activity, etc.
  • Workers need authorization for access to specific groups of customers
  • Notification type setting
  • Possibility to define custom properties for customers
Outlook plugin

Easy e-mail transfer to CDESK.

  • If you work with MS Outlook desktop version for operation system Windows, Outlook Plugin simplifies the transfer of e-mails to CDESK.
  • From Outlook e-mail you can create a new request or a new task and add the e-mail as a discussion or as a note for a assignee.