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Step 1.

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Step 2.

We will contact you regarding a short introductory meeting.
At the introductory meeting, we will clarify the expectations and the agenda that you need to cover, and if you are interested, we will be happy to show you free of charge how CDESK can be used.

Step 3.

We will create and set up a free testing environment according to your preferences.
We will be happy to help you and answer any questions during the testing.

3. krok

Vytvoríme Vám bezplatné testovacie prostredie
podľa Vašich preferencií.

Step 4.

If the software meets your needs, we will prepare a tailor-made price offer for you.

Step 5.

After ordering, we will be happy to train you work with CDESK

Step 6.

In the end, we will implement CDESK together in your company and will be continuously helpful.

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The duration of CDESK software testing is 30 days by default, but this period can be extended if active testing.
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