Completion of approval details, easily accessible information about leaves, and much more

21. September 2023

During the approval process, it is possible to return the request for completion and then send it for approval

Until now, when approving a request, the approval step could be only accepted or rejected. If the approval step was rejected because the request needed to be completed, the only solution was to create a new request, which would be again subject to approval.

With this latest update, dealing with such an issue is significantly faster and easier. The option where the approval step is rejected but the request can be returned for completion has been added. Once the changes have been saved, the request is automatically returned to the approval process.

Možnosť Zamietnuť, vrátiť na doplnenie na schvaľovacom kroku
Figure: Reject, return for completion option at the approval step
Schvaľovací proces, kedy bola požiadavka vrátená na doplnenie a nový schvaľovací proces, ktorý bol automaticky vytvorený po doplnení požiadavky
Figure: The approval process when the request was returned for completion and the new approval process that was automatically created when the request was completed


The option to reapprove requests is only available if the approval rule uses serial step approval and has the Require Re-approval option enabled.

Nastavenie opätovného schvaľovania požiadavky na schvaľovacom pravidle
Figure: Setting up a request re-approval on an approval rule

The time off taken so far is summarized under the aircraft icon on the top bar

A leave requests icon has been added to the top bar of CDESK. The number displayed above the icon represents the total number of users who are currently taking time off or covering for another user. When you click on the icon, this data is displayed in a list divided into two sections, Leave and Substitution. This icon can also be used to quickly access the calendar, the list of set substitutions and the list of leave requests.

Ikona v hornej lište CDESKu pre zobrazenie aktívnych dovolenie a zastupovaní
Figure: Icon in the top bar of CDESK to view active leave and substitution

Leave requests appear in the calendar

In previous CDESK versions, the calendar only displayed requests, tasks and planned work. With the 3.1.11 update, leave requests have been added to these modules. The calendar displays the user’s name and the type of leave. The record is displayed according to the From – To dates that are set on the leave requests. Leave requests are only displayed in the second version of the Calendar.

Zobrazenie žiadosti o voľno v kalendári
Figure: View leave requests in the calendar

Invoices together with listings of jobs can be sent in bulk by email

Sending invoices by email has so far only been possible individually, after opening a specific invoice. Therefore, sending multiple invoices could be lengthy. Version 3.1.11 comes with an improvement in the form of bulk sending of invoices and listings of jobs.

In the list of issued invoices, simply select the issued invoices and click on the Send by Email button. The marked invoices will then be sorted by customer. It is possible to set whether invoices, listings of jobs or both will be sent.

Tlačidlo Odoslať emailom v zozname vystavených faktúr
Figure: Send by Email button in the list of issued invoices
Modálne okno pre hromadné odoslanie vystavených faktúr a výpisov prác
Figure: Modal window for bulk sending of issued invoices and listings of jobs

Creating fulfillments is possible with more than one assignee

The latest update also improves Fulfillments. A feature has been added that allows you to create a fulfillment for multiple assignees. This makes it unnecessary to create fulfillments individually. This feature is useful when multiple assignees have worked together on a request and each assignee has worked the same amount of time. However, it is possible to set a different time for each assignee if needed.

Tlačidlo pre vytvorenie plnenia na viacerých riešiteľov
Figure: Button to create a multi-assignee fulfillment
Formulár pre vytvorenie plnení na viacerých riešiteľov
Figure: Form to create multi-assignee fulfillments

Improved functionality and visual appearance of the Offers module

Update 3.1.11 does not neglect offers either. At the very creation of a new offer, you’ll notice new elements as well as an improved design of some existing elements. For example, you can conveniently change the offer status using the new floating button that appears on the right bar of the offer detail. When the offer items are ready for acceptance, i.e. the offer is in the To Be Accepted status, it can be manually forwarded to the selected accounts. Subsequently, the mail notification also includes attachments from items.

In addition to these new features, the design of the item summary has been improved, as well as the buttons for accepting/verifying items on the offer.

Modálne okno pre manuálne odoslanie ponuky mailom
Figure: Modal window for manual sending of the offer by mail
Nové tlačidlá na vyjadrenie sa k položkám na ponuke, plávajúce tlačidlo na rýchlu zmenu stavu ponuky a vylepšený súhrn položiek
Figure: New buttons to comment on offer items, a floating button to quickly change offer status and an improved item summary

New basic property Form Information which appears in the form as an embedded block without a name

If you need to display additional information in the form without further description, you can now use the additional property of the Form Information type. This property is rendered in the form as an embedded block without a name. The block contains only the text inserted into it. For the text, you can set different language mutations active in CDESK.

Doplnková vlastnosť informácia vo formulári zobrazená v detaile požiadavky
Figure: Additional property – From Information displayed in the request detail
Konfigurácia doplnkovej vlastnosti typu Informácia vo formulári
Figure: Configuring an additional property of Form Information type
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The status of the approval process steps on the request displayed on the printed request

You can print the request via the Action button that appears in the request detail. If the request is subject to approval, from version 3.1.11 onwards, the status of approval process steps is printed together with the request detail.

Kroky schvaľovania na vytlačenej požiadavke
Figure: Approval steps on a printed request
Modernized visual appearance of request discussions on the web portal

When you enter the Discussion tab, you’ll immediately notice the improved look. No longer are there green or blue circles around avatars in the list of discussion posts, indicating whether it is a discussion with a customer or an internal discussion. The color differentiation is now displayed directly next to the post. The display of colored circles around avatars has also been removed in mail notifications for discussion posts.

Zmodernizovaný vizuál diskusií v požiadavke vo webportále
Figure: Modernized look of request discussions on the web portal
New functionality to view records of fulfillments and status changes between discussion posts on the Discussion tab

The upgraded discussion visual appearance on the web portal is not the only improvement in the Discussion module that came with version 3.1.11. From now, it is also possible to set up the display of request status changes and fulfillment records between discussion posts. It is possible to disable/enable these events to be displayed between discussion posts directly on the Discussion tab.

Plnenia a zmeny stavu požiadavky zobrazené medzi diskusnými príspevkami
Figure: Fulfillments and request status changes displayed between discussion posts
Dates on the request can be entered backwards in time (authorized users only)

A situation may arise where one of the dates on the request needs to be entered back in time. Therefore, with the last update, the function was updated to enable the backward entry for each date separately. This option can be enabled in the global settings.

Nastavenie, aby bolo možné termín zadať do minulosti
Figure: Setting to enter dates backwards
You can set free text in the Requested By and Requested For fields in the regular request form

When creating a request manually or via the catalogue of requests, it is possible to set free text in the Requested By and Requested For fields. Since the latest update, it is possible to set a free text in these fields also on the regular request.

Voľný text v poliach Kto žiada a Pre koho žiada v predpise pravidelnej požiadavky
Figure: Free text in the Requested By and Requested For fields in the regular request form
New possibility to edit additional properties on a completed request

When the request is completed, editing the fields in its detail is no longer possible and they are only accessible as read-only. However, there may be situations where additional properties need to be edited on a completed request. Therefore, the option to enable editing of additional properties also on the terminated request has been added in the global settings.

Možnosť zapnúť editáciu doplnkových vlastností na ukončenej požiadavke
Figure: Option to enable editing of additional properties on a completed request
The request history records who confirmed that there is no need to reply to the discussion and when

When posting a discussion post, it is possible to indicate that it is not necessary to reply to the discussion. Since the last version of CDESK, the request history records who selected this flag and when.


In the XLS export of companies, the general mail is displayed even if it is taken from a linked contact

In previous CDESK versions, the XLS export of companies did not display the general mail taken from the linked contact. This functionality has been added in version 3.1.11.

Všeobecný mail zobrazený v XLS exporte spoločností
Figure: General mail displayed in XLS export of companies


The date of the taxable transaction and the invoice due date shall be determined according to the settings in the accounting entity

The date of taxable transaction and the invoice due date are determined based on the accounting entity. If the Default according to Customer Settings is enabled on the account. entity, these dates are determined based on the customer’s company settings. The accounting entity is the supplier of the service and material provided through CDESK. Multiple accounting entities are here to help if you invoice for services and material supplied through multiple companies using a single CDESK environment.

Dátum zdaniteľného plnenia a dátum splatnosti faktúry zobrazený pri účtovaní
Figure: Date of taxable transaction and invoice due date shown in the billing
It is possible to change the link to the registered order on the issued invoice

It is possible to set a link to the registered order on the issued order. With the last update, the option to unlink to a registered order has been added, which makes it possible to link to another order.

Note: Solution for the deduction from prepaid traffic will be presented in one of the next updates of version 11.

Ikona pre zrušenie väzby na prijatú objednávku na vystavenej faktúre
Figure: Icon for unlinking to a registered order on an issued invoice


The print report of the issued order has been improved

Update 3.1.11 brought a number of design improvements in many modules. The print report of the issued order has also been improved and made clearer.

Nová tlačová zostava vystavenej objednávky
Figure: New print report of the issued order
In the Register of Documents, a search by Sender, Recipient, Project Code and Project columns has been added

In the full-text search of the Register of Documents it is now possible to search also by Sender, Recipient, Project Code and Project columns.

V registri dokumentov bolo doplnené vyhľadávanie podľa stĺpcov Odosielateľ, Adresát, Kód projektu a Projekt
Figure: In the Register of Documents, a search by Sender, Recipient, Project Code and Project columns has been added


Fulfillments can be edited after invoicing

In previous versions of CDESK, billing fulfillments after being invoiced were made unavailable for editing. Now, the permission has been updated to allow editing of the fulfilments after invoicing. This permission is enabled by default for administrators.

Nové oprávnenie umožňujúce editáciu plnenia po odfakturovaní
Figure: New permission to edit fulfillments after invoicing

Message Processing

If the mail received to CDESK exceeds the allowed size, it will not be processed and the sender is informed about it

In the Message Processing module, there is a limit to the size of the mail when the message is to be processed. If this size is exceeded, from version 3.1.11 onwards, the sender will receive an information mail that the maximum mail size has been exceeded and the sent message will not be processed.


The method of selecting stock items for offers has been modified

With the update 3.1.11, the method of selecting stock items for offers has been modified. When selecting a stock item, a modal window is now displayed to allow searching and filtering between stock items. After selecting a stock item, the name, unit, unit price excl. VAT and VAT are pre-populated on the offer line.

Upravený spôsob výberu skladovej položky na ponuku
Figure: Modified method of selecting a stock item for the offer

Configuration Database (CMDB)

New Main Groups have been added – Cost Center and Property Area

With the new version, new categories of Main Groups have been added to CDESK. These are Cost Center and Property Area. In the Main group called Cost Center the user responsible for the cost center is registered and in the Area the user responsible for the area. These users can then act as approvers on the linked request.

Detail Hlavnej skupiny, ktorá patrí do kategórie Nákladové stredisko
Figure: Detail of the Main Group that belongs to the category Cost Center
Links on the configuration item are displayed when printing it

Under the Action button on the CI configuration item, there is an option that allows you to print the item. With the latest update, it was added that when printing, the links on the configuration item are also displayed.

Existujúce prepojenia na konfiguračnej položke zobrazené pri jej tlači
Figure: Links on the configuration item displayed while printing

Leave Requests

If the user has exceeded the limit for compensatory leave, they will not be able to request this type of leave

It is not possible to set the number of days or the allowed exceeding on the template for compensatory leave. The entitlement to compensatory leave is set separately for each user in the user details. Therefore, with the latest update it has been added that if a user is not eligible for compensatory leave, they are not able to request this type of time off either.

Values of 30 minutes and 15 minutes have been added to time units of leave requests

Time units of 30 and 15 minutes can now be set in the leave request templates.

Voľby 30 minút a 15 minút v nastavení časovej jednotky žiadosti o voľno
Figure: Options of 30 minutes and 15 minutes in the time unit settings of leave requests
On each leave request template, the time unit can be set separately

In the global settings of leave requests, a time unit is set that specifies the time unit for all leave request templates. However, with the latest update, the option to set the time unit for each template separately has been added. The globally set time unit is used by default.

Nastavenie časovej jednotky v šablóne žiadosti o voľno
Figure: Setting the time unit in the leave request template


Approval steps have been added with new roles for approvers – Responsible for the Area, Responsible for the Cost Center, Superior of the Cost Center Responsible

New approver roles can be selected on the approval step. These are Responsible for the Area, Responsible for the Cost Center, Superior of the Cost Center Responsible. These roles are assigned on the configuration item that is linked to the request.

Nové roly schvaľovateľov
Figure: New roles of approvers

General Functions

When setting icon and tile colors, it is possible to mix your own color, until now it was only possible to select from a predefined palette

In many CDESK modules it is possible to set colors to different items. For example, it is possible to color-code the tiles of the catalogue of requests. Until now, you could set colors only from a palette of predefined colors. From now on, it is possible to extend this palette with custom colors. In cases where an icon is set in addition to the background color, it is also possible to set the icon color.

Nastavenie farby pozadia a ikony pre dlaždicu katalógu požiadaviek
Figure: Setting the background color and icon for the Catalogue of Requests tile