Clear Communication with Customers at Seyfor thanks to CDESK


Clear Communication with Customers at Seyfor thanks to CDESK

50% automated processes
Transparent communication with customers

About the Company

Seyfor, a.s. offers ERP solutions for the management and automation of business processes in various industries and for companies of different sizes. (read more)

„The small company Cigler Software was founded in Brno in 1990. It was the beginning of a journey that has since led us to become one of the largest software companies in Central Europe. More than 15 companies have come under our banner, and we continue to grow across European countries.“


The goal of Seyfor a.s., is to have a clear communication with a huge number of customers and to implement a standard servicedesk with communication of the offer and billing documents from the work performed.



„I liked that in the beginning we did everything systematically together with Mr. Jombik. I had an idea and he was willing to make it happen.“
– Ing. Zuzana Zajičková


The CDESK team offered responsiveness in implementing functional requests to cover the entire process from the initial communication with the customer to the issuance of documents for billing:

The process starts with the Deals module, which represent the contract with the customer, the project (grouping the customer’s requests). The defined rates (flat rates, hourly rates, etc.) in combination with the reported work from fulfillments, serve further as the basis for billing.
Subsequently the Request module captures customer suggestions and later communication in the form of discussion and offers. It also groups all fulfillments with work performed and invoiced.

The Offers module records the estimated time to complete a customer request, as well as the time accepted by the customer. The offered scope of work can be accepted by the customer directly in CDESK after verification by an authorized person.

The Fullfilments module covers records of work performed (who did what in what time), which serve as a basis for the attendance system (internal fulfillments) and as a basis for billing (invoice fulfillments).

The Price List module serves as a template for billing items inserted into deals.

The Reporting module has been specially adapted to Seyfor’s needs and covers 4 main report categories:

  1. Request statistics – evaluation of statistics of entered requests and requests with accepted completion.
  2. Checking the budget of requests – comparing what price someone has to do the work for, how much the customer has accepted to pay and how much we actually want to invoice.
  3. Capacity planning report – evaluation of the human resources required to complete the priced functionality.
  4. A summary of the flat rate usage by request is attached to the invoice.

As the last step of the process, the Billing module k vystaveniu účtovných podkladov na fakturáciu.

Thanks to CDESK, Seyfor was able to digitize 50% of its processes, set up internal processes and ensure transparent communication with customers in a single application. All of this is proof that CDESK is a truly comprehensive tool that can be uniquely prepared and delivered to any company.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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