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New FeaturesImprovements in Invoicing, Added Request Categories, Organizational Structure and More

18. November 2022

Categories of Requests

Update 3.1.4 comes with request categories that allow a new way to restrict requests of others. Including request in a category that the assignee does not have access to will result in the user not seeing requests belonging to that category. This restriction only works for users who have the Access to Records of Others permission checked.

You can create your own request categories in the global settings. A new Request Categories tab will then appear in the account settings where you can make requests available by category.

CDESK does not contain predefined categories.

Nastavenie pre sprístupnenie požiadaviek na základe kategórii
Figure: Settings for making requests available based on categories
Zoznam kategórií požiadaviek v globálnych nastaveniach
Figure: List of request categories in global settings

Managing Access to Requests Based on Organizational Structure

In addition to the categories of requests, the latest update introduces the possibility to manage access according to the organizational structure. It is possible to give users access to the requests belonging to their organizational unit and to its subunits. In addition to the user’s own organizational unit, access to requests from other organizational units can be assigned in the permissions. To set up access based on the organizational structure, it is not necessary for the user to have the permission to access requests of other users enabled.

The organizational structure is registered in CDESK thanks to the AD/LDAP connector, which we have already introduced in this manual. Once the connector is configured, the Organizational Structure tab appears in the user form showing the organizational structure of the company.

Organizačná štruktúra znázornená vo formulári používateľa
Figure: Organizational structure shown in the user form
Nastavenie oprávnení na prístup k záznamom konkrétnych organizačných štruktúr
Figure: Set permissions to access records of specific organizational structures


A field is made available in the request form that allows you to select the organizational unit to which the request belongs. The organizational unit is pre-populated with the unit to which the requester belongs.

Pole Organizačná štruktúra vo formulári požiadavky
Figure: Organizational Unit field in the request form


To help you work well with the organizational structure, we’ve added additional features. There is a new Organizational Unit column in the list of requests, which can also be included in the export. You can also filter the records in the list of requests by it.

Filtrovanie v zozname požiadaviek podľa organizačnej jednotky
Figure: Filtering in the list of requests by organizational unit


Summary of request accesses:

Since two new ways of managing access to requests have been added in this version, we list all the ways of managing access to see the full picture:

  • Access to my own requests – the user can see the requests:
    • they created
    • they are its assignee
    • they are the responsible person
    • they are the assistant assignee
    • they are indicated in the field Requested By/Requested For
    • they are a substitute of one of the roles listed above
  • Access to the records of others – all requests from visible companies are visible unless one of the following restrictions is applied to them:
    • Access by service area
    • Access by category
  • Access by deal – automatically see requests of others in the deals to which the user has access
  • Access based on organizational structure – the user can see requests of others based on the enabled permission Visibility of Requests by Organizational Unit and the classification of the request in this unit.

Account Name and Optional String as Sender Name

Update 3.1.4 also brought improvements to request notifications. In the global notification settings, there is an option to configure the sender’s name when sending notifications from customer and internal discussions. Previously, these notifications only displayed the name associated with the sender’s address. Now it is possible to display the user’s name and a string that is freely configurable.

Mailová notifikácia, kde je zobrazené meno používateľa a za menom sa nachádza nakonfigurovaný reťazec
Figure: Mail notification with the user’s name followed by the configured string
Konfigurácia odosielateľa mailových notifikácií v globálnych nastaveniach
Figure: Configure the sender of email notifications in Global Settings

Sending Issued Invoices by E-Mail Directly from CDESK

Another new feature is the sending of invoices by e-mail when they are issued. In the list of upcoming invoices, a column has been added where you can mark which invoices will be sent by email. Such sending is also supported when issuing invoices in bulk in the background.

Ikona pre odoslanie faktúr mailom pri ich vystavovaní
Figure: Icon for sending invoices by email when they are issued


The notification sent contains the total of the invoice, payment details, due, delivery and issue dates, as well as the name of the customer and supplier. In the mail attachment, you will find the invoice in the pdf format. It is also possible to open the invoice in CDESK via the mail notification.

Vystavená faktúra odoslaná mailom
Figure: Issued invoice sent by email


The issued invoice can also be sent outside the process of creating tax documents. In the issued invoice form, a Send by Email button has been added. When the button is clicked, a modal window appears with a list of addresses to which the invoice will be sent. These pre-populated addresses belong to the contacts that are selected as the contacts to send invoices to. You can manually expand this list of addresses.

Tlačidlo pre odoslanie už vystavenej faktúry
Figure: Button to send an issued invoice
Modálne okno, v ktorom sa nastavujú adresy na príjem faktúry
Figure: Modal window in which addresses for invoice receipt can be set


With these features, a new Invoicing field has been added to the notification settings where roles for invoice receipt can be configured. The choices are:

  • Contact for sending invoices
  • Invoice issuer
  • Logged in user
  • Supervisor of the invoice issuer


Konfigurácia rolí pre príjem faktúr odoslaných mailom
Figure: Configuration of roles for receiving invoices sent by mail
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Option to View Additional Properties in Tabs

When using CDESK, there may be cases where the form contains a lot of additional properties. To avoid having the record too long and to be able to sort the properties by meaning units, in the last update we introduced a new option to sort them into tabs. The tabs can be configured separately for each form and likewise separately for each request template. Directly in the form they appear as buttons and when clicked, the given additional properties are displayed.

Záložky s doplnkovými vlastnosťami vo formulári požiadavky
Figure: Tabs with additional properties in the request form
Usporiadanie doplnkových vlastností pod záložky pri konfigurácii šablóny požiadavky
Figure: Arrangement of additional properties under tabs when configuring a request template

Sum of Internal Fulfillments in the Entity’s Statement

In the request form under the field Deal, you can view the statement of the entity’s implementation. Internal fulfillments were included in this summary in the last update. The summary associated with internal fulfillments is displayed in a separate column and is only available to users with permission to access internal fulfillments.

Súčet interných plnení v prehľade čerpania účtovných položiek
Figure: Sum of internal fulfillments in the statement of entity’s implementation

Note for Assignees has been renamed to Internal Discussion

With the latest update, the CDESK’s Note for Assignees has been renamed to Internal Discussion.

Tlačidlo pre pridanie internej diskusie vo formulári požiadavky
Figure: Button to add internal discussion in the request form

New Colors for Tiles of the Catalog of Requests

The catalog of requests has also undergone a small modification. New colors have been added to the color selection of the tiles.

Porovnanie starej a novej farebnej palety pre nastavenie dlaždíc katalógu požiadaviek
Figure: Comparison of the old and new color palette for tile setup of the catalog of requests

Required Field Solution on Request Termination

Disabled, Optional and Obligatory options have been added to the global settings for the Solution field display. When the Obligatory option is selected, its filling in is only checked when the request reaches the status Completed. This can occur when the status is manually switched, when the request is terminated quickly or via fulfillment, or when the request is automatically terminated after the linked work orders are closed.

Konfigurácia poľa Riešenie v globálnych nastaveniach
Figure: Configuration of the Solution field in Global Settings
Modálne okno s poľom Riešenie, ktoré sa zobrazí pri ukončení požiadavky cez plnenie
Figure: Modal window with the Solution field that appears when the request is completed via fulfillment

Filter the List of Requests by Missed Response Time

Two new options have been added to the list of requests for the First Response Deadline filtering condition: overdue and on time. Selecting overdue will display only requests with a missed response date. Conversely, On Time will display all requests where the recorded date is less than or equal to the set First Response Deadline.

Nové možnosti pokročilého filtra pre podmienku Termín odozvy
Figure: New advanced filter options for First Response Deadline condition

Filtering in the List of Regular Requests for the Next/Last Generation Date

In the advanced filter, a new condition Request Generation has been added to the list of regular requests. It allows filtering by the next and the last generation date. It includes options to allow manual time/time interval setting and options for simple time definitions, e.g. today, yesterday, last month.

Podmienka Generovanie požiadaviek v pokročilom filtri zoznamu predpisov pravidelných požiadaviek
Figure: Condition Request Generation in the advanced filter of the list of regular requests

Condition All in the Simple Filter of the List of Requests

In the simple filter in the Assignee condition, option All has been added to allow you to view records of all assignees. Until now, this configuration was only possible through the advanced filter.

Možnosť Všetci v jednoduchom filtri pre podmienky Riešiteľ
Figure: All option in simple filter for Assignee condition


The checking of other options has also been changed. Selecting All will unmark the other options in the Assignee condition. All was previously in the simple filter when selecting Status. This marking has been applied in this condition as well.  

Výber možnosti Všetky v podmienke Stav
Figure: Selecting All in the Status condition

Help in Global Settings of Requests

To make using CDESK more intuitive and convenient, we have added icons to each setting in the global settings of requests to inform about its meaning. In cases where a setting is used to enable a field, we have also added information that the display of the field is subject to permissions in addition to the global settings. We plan to add such hints also to the global settings of other modules in the future.

Ikony s nápovedami v globálnych nastaveniach požiadaviek

Mail Address Spelling Checker

When posting on the Discussion and Ext-mail tabs of a request, additional addresses can be manually entered in addition to the pre-populated ones. In such a case, it may occur that the manually entered address is not entered in the correct form and the user is not informed about it. Therefore, we have added a new function to check the correctness of the manually entered addresses. If the user tries to submit a post with the wrong address, a warning will be displayed informing that the address is not valid.

Upozornenie a vyznačená nesprávne zapísaná adresa
Figure: Warning on incorrectly entered address

Moving the Requests Module Up in the Menu

In the previous version of CDESK, the Documents module was added, but this moved Requests lower. Due to their importance, we have moved them above Deals and Documents in the menu.

Modul požiadavky sa v menu už nachádza nad modulmi Zákazky a Dokumenty
Figure: The Requests module moved above Deals and Documents in the menu

Fixed Bug when Later Added Recipients Got Lost

In previous versions of CDESK, there was a bug where if a user replied to a post that contained manually inserted recipients, only automatically added recipients received the reply. The bug was fixed in the latest update.

New Condition for Advanced Filter – Invoicing Date of Fulfillment

There was previously a column Invoicing Date in the list of fulfillments that could be included in exports. From the latest version it will also be possible to filter records by this column. Invoicing Date has been added as a condition to the advanced filter.

Podmienka Dátum fakturácie v zozname plnení
Figure: Invoicing date of Fulfillment condition in the list of fulfillments

Strengthening Link between Company in Address Book and Entity

With the update 3.1.4, the billing settings have been modified. From now, only one entity can be set for one company. A company in the address book can be defined as a separate entity. This means that if the entity already exists for the company, the company will no longer be displayed when creating a new entity.

Pole zákazník pri pridávaní novej účtovnej jednotky obsahuje iba tie spoločnosti, na ktoré zatiaľ nebola pridaná žiadna účtovná jednotka
Figure: When adding a new entity, the Customer field contains only companies without any entity added

The data on the entity shall be synchronized with the data on the companies to which the entities belong. The following data are synchronized: ID number, Tax ID, VAT number, VAT payer, Invoice Due Date and Date of Taxable Transaction. This avoids the situation where the company would have different invoicing data set than the entity.

Údaje na účtovnej jednotke sú synchronizované s údajmi na spoločnosti
Figure: Data on the entity is synchronized with data on the company

In the future, entities will be integrated into offers, purchase orders, and the entity functionality will be extended under invoices so that individual documents will have the logo of the company associated with the entity.

New Tab – ERP Connection

If the Abra Flexi connector is enabled in CDESK, the ERP Connection tab will be displayed on the invoice issued. On the tab there is a link to redirect to the Abra Flexi economic software. Along with this change, the Information tab on the issued invoice has been deleted.

Nová záložka Prepojenie s ERP obsahujúca odkaz do softvéru Abra Flexi
Figure: New ERP Connection tab containing a link to the Abra Flexi software

New Columns in Bank Accounts at Company

With the latest update, the Bank Accounts section of the company form has been modified. New columns have been added: Account Name, IBAN / Domestic Account, Account Number and Currency.

The information filled in the Account Name column will be displayed on the invoice. In the IBAN / Domestic Account column, you can choose whether you enter the account in the IBAN format or in the account prefix / base number / bank code format. The Account Number column is used to enter the account number directly, and in the Currency column you can set for which currencies on the invoice the account will be available. For example, when selecting Euro, the bank account will only be offered on invoices that are issued in Euros.

Bankové účty o formulári spoločnosti
Figure: Bank accounts on company form

Manual Message Processing as Ext-Mail on Request

When manually processing a message for processing, it is now possible to add the message as an ext-mail to the request. This option can be selected via the context menu in the list of messages to be processed or via the Action button after opening a specific message.

Tlačidlo pre spracovanie správy ako ext-mail na požiadavke
Figure: Button to process the message as an ext-mail on the request

Additional Properties Heading Is No Longer Displayed in the Form of Specific Records

To make the form as compact as possible, we have removed the Additional Properties heading from the requests and work order records. This makes fields of additional properties more connected to the rest of the form. This heading has been retained in the request settings, work orders and in the request and work order templates.

Porovnanie formuláru požiadaviek pred a po odstránení nadpisu Doplnkové vlastnosti
Figure: Comparison of the request form before and after removing the heading Additional Properties

Removing the Button to Add Additional Properties via Forms

The buttons for adding additional properties have also been removed from forms. This change is no longer limited to requests and work orders but applies to forms in all modules where additional properties are present.

Fields of additional properties can be added in the global settings of the module. In the case of requests and work orders, addition is also possible via templates, and for the configuration database via CI Types.

Porovnanie formuláru požiadaviek pred a po odstránení tlačidla na pridávanie doplnkových vlastností
Figure: Comparison of the request form before and after removing the button to add additional properties

New Permission for the Offer as Approver Setting

In the permissions under Approvals -> Offer as Approver, a new permission Approval of Requests for Time Off has been added. A user who has this permission enabled and belongs to the Approver group will be able to approve time off requests.

Nové oprávnenie pre schvaľovanie žiadostí o voľno
Figure: New permission for approval of time off requests

Add Multiple CDESK Deals to a Single JIRA Project in the JIRA Connector

When configuring the JIRA connector, it was not possible to select multiple deals for a single JIRA project. This functionality has been completed in CDESK version 3.1.4. Read more about the JIRA connector in this manual.

JIRA projekt prepojený s viacerými CDESK zákazkami
Figure: JIRA project linked to several CDESK deals

Field for Uploading Attachments Shrunk

With update 3.1.4 the field for uploading attachments has been modified. It will now be smaller and more modern.

Nové pole pre nahrávanie príloh
Figure: New field for uploading attachments