Install Your CDESK Server Yourself

4. October 2022

Install Your CDESK Server Yourself

From now, CDESK users preferring to have their own On-Premises server can install the server themselves. We have published an installation package on our website that allows you to conveniently install CDESK on your own server. You will only need support when confirming your license and activating remote updates. The installation package can be found on the download page. We have made for you a detailed manual and to make the installation as easy as possible, we have also prepared instructional videos.

In addition to the installation process itself, the manual will show you how to create a virtual server and how to install the Rocky Linux operating system with the CDESK/CM server base. You can find there the procedure to setup domain, certificates, mails.

The manual ends with the initial settings within the application, such as creating an admin for your CDESK environment and basic visual customization such as setting the logo or changing the background of the login screen. 

To receive updates, you need to connect your server to our Azure DevOps repository hosted in our On-Premises environment. To do this, you need to make your server available to our staff via the SSH console for approximately 10 minutes. The connection can also be mediated through sharing your screen with the SSH console.


In case of any problem, please do not hesitate to contact our support.