Do you want to digitize your business processes? Let us advise you on how to select and deploy a suitable system.

26. January 2022

Ing. Martin Ondrášik
CDESK, CM Sales Manager

The introduction of system into processes almost always comes only when problems in organization arise. Remember that any organization is only as efficient as its weakest link and that the weak links are often related to poorly managed processes.

Nowadays, there are software tools that can digitize every work or business activity in an organization and thus build a digital company.

The digitization of everyday work creates a system that helps do the work more efficiently.

To improve and digitize their work, companies often use several different systems that do not communicate with each other and their purpose falls flat. Using multiple systems can lead to duplicate information entered, lack of clarity, overloaded schedule, high costs and many other inconveniences.

That’s why it’s so important to select the right software solution for your company carefully.

How to choose then the right system to digitize your business processes?

A suitable system should meet the following criteria:


  • The system covers as many of the processes to be digitized as possible – when selecting a system, focus carefully on the processes you need to digitize, this is the basis for selecting the right one.
  • It integrates enterprise agendas – the system either operates the agendas itself or enables interconnection with other systems where these agendas are operated. This helps you to avoid unnecessary data duplication and manage the processes and the collaboration between different organization levels.
  • It provides variability of processes with respect to their adherence (at the time of implementation) – a variable workflow that is fully configurable provides you with lower costs and shorter implementation time.
  • Deadline tracking – clear setting and meeting the deadlines is a prerequisite for the process fulfillment. Piling up tasks and forgetting does not pay. Therefore, communication of upcoming deadlines should be an integral part of the system.
  • Cost tracking – the system should help you keep track of how much costs you spend exactly and on what. Do not underestimate the record keeping of work done and the possibility of its reporting.
  • Communication support – improving communication with customers and suppliers, keeping them informed about the status of requests and providing transparent service delivery builds mutual trust and company’s reputation. The solution should ideally have an integrated helpdesk, service desk or CRM.
  • Acceptable costs for future system development – the development of the organization results in the development of the processes. Therefore, future costs need to be considered. The system should allow for custom changes and creation of processes without programmer intervention. Generational renewal of the software can be costly. If you pay to digitize current processes and later when you need to expand them you are to pay several times more, it is not a good choice.

Implementation of new systems and processes is usually met with incomprehension of employees. Any change can be stressful for them, no matter how hard you try to make it for the better.

Participation of employees in the system implementation is therefore a key element of success.

Set objectives to follow, communicate them to employees and involve them in the process as much as possible. This is the only way how to make them understand extent and importance of the change implementation. With this sense of participation, they will care about the implementation of process changes.

There are three groups of employees in every organization:

  • Supporters of change
  • Neutral employees
  • Opponents of change

Make a campaign, ask for opinion, have meetings together, report regularly on progress, try to influence the neutral ones and prove the opponents wrong. Pushing through of the system and processes is then quicker and less painful.

When choosing a system to help you tidy up your business processes, you also need to consider the provider. Project and technical preparation, human resources, availability of support in implementation, development and maintenance of the system is just as important as its functionality. Supplier’s experience is therefore extremely important when selecting software.

Digitization at all organization levels and outwards is essential for the survival of companies in today’s uncertain times of pandemics and worsening business environment.

If you decide to clean up your company processes, don’t hesitate to try our CDESK software, which we have been developing based on client requests since 2003.


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