Prepared CDESK solutions for 2023

22. March 2023

Take a Look inside Our Development Lab

This year, we’ve prepared several solutions that will be friendly to you and your customers. Our “virtual corporate lab” operates around the clock. In fact, it operates whenever our staff is looking to adjust, improve, or otherwise supplement CDESK. There’s really a lot we have in store for you!


These are solutions that are:

clearer, more interactive, more efficient, faster, more complex


Clear View of Requests with Kanban Board

The view shows a graphical representation of the status of requests in a table. Therefore, you will be able to work with requests more easily and move between their statuses. We want to bring this functionality to you soon.

Kanban tabuľa
Figure: Kanban Board



clearer, more efficient, faster


Comprehensively Redesigned Requests View

A pleasantly interactive way of working with requests awaits you directly in the list of requests, in a new two-line view. The list will be clearer, and control of the request will be done directly from the list, saving you time and clicks. Moving forward, the exact number of requests will be displayed under the filter. The employee will be aware of how much work they have missed, as well as their boss. The company can also check number of requests per customer. We prepare many other possibilities how to work in this view.

Nový zoznam požiadaviek
Figure: New list of requirements



interactive, clear, fast response option


Customer Mobile App

A mobile app that allows you and your customers to make requests easily and clearly. Until now, the mobile app has been primarily available to assignees in CDESK. It is a friendly, modern and very simple way for users to facilitate and secure access to CDESK. The customer mobile app can be customized for a fee so that it can be perceived as a custom corporate app.

Pripravovaná mobilná aplikácia
Figure: The upcoming mobile application



responsive, clear, simple, fast, accessible


Economic Coverage of Projects and Their Individual Phases

Are you dealing with projects and don’t know how to evaluate them effectively? This CDESK functionality allows you to track the economics of each project phase. At a specific time and phase, the customer gets economic information about the financial status of the work, finances, efficiency of the funds spent. Thus, he can control the project performance and its economic return in simple steps.

Projektová zákazka
Figure: Project order



efficient, concrete, complex


There’s a lot we have in store for you, but we haven’t revealed everything. A few more “tweaks” will be presented later. Others will become apparent as we work systematically. The greatest inspiration to keep moving towards good and efficient solutions is you, our customers.

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