Customize CDESK forms to suit your needs. Simply.

I don’t have the field I need…

In CDESK, you are not limited to use only the pre-installed fields. Additional Properties enable you to easily add the features and codebooks you need.

You have a choice

The Additional Properties module provides a wide range of value types to choose from – text, number, date, check box, hyperlink, option field, conditional display… In addition to that, you decide which items are required.
You can create pre-filled lists of values yourself or they can be automatically filled from existing records in the system – e.g. from the CMDB Configuration Database or the Users module. It is also possible to set a default value in the codebook.

Complex cases are not a problem

The unique advantage od CDESK is the possibility to combine different types of values and to set the visibility of values depending on the others (conditional display). Simple and incredibly practical.