Approval processes for requests, offers and vacations. Put any doubts aside.

I approve, you approve, we approve

CDESK provides you with an efficient tool for swift and transparent approval of requests, offers and vacation requests. Each decision is properly documented in the system. No misunderstandings, no delays.


For every scenario and cast

Individual approval processes differ and are not always easy. CDESK allows for this and provides space for different scenario alternatives. Approvals can be sequential or parallel with possible setting of the minimum number of approvals required, etc. However, it comes as no surprise for a system whose watchword is flexibility.

Transparent process

For an efficient functioning of the company it is essential that approval processes run transparently. That means:

  • clear role of each approver in the process
  • precisely defined criteria for the result of approval (decision)
  • perfectly managed communication – immediate notification of all interested parties about the progress of the approval process and the final decision.

CDESK creates conditions for all the above criteria.