Good contracts make good friends.

Clara pacta, boni amici

Do you provide services based on regular fees? Do your customers enjoy different types of discounts? Are your services tied to contractors? The Contracts module will bring order and precision to the complexity. Clear rules of cooperation, no unpleasant surprises for customers. These are the right prerequisites for your coffers’ countenance…

It’s the details that make the difference

Missing item, incorrect data, unclear wording. Any small thing in the contract can turn a successful business into a fiasco. CDESK deals with contracts in a way that does not guarantee your infallibility, but helps it greatly.

The basis is that you have free hand in parameters that contracts can contain. It is possible to define specific contract rules for each customer, e.g. contractual penalties. Linking to the Configuration Database and Price Lists speeds up work and helps prevent errors.

Automatic billing

Contract billing is the key element for your cash flow. CDESK’s ability to bill contracts automatically will help significantly. You just set the time and the way. Simple.