Have you just experienced a server outage that you weren’t prepared for? Were you surprised to learn that it was planned?

Nothing like this happens to you if you use the CDESK Scheduled Work module. The Scheduled Work module provides an overview of planned works, informs the persons concerned and records real outages. You get a means to keep your customers informed in a timely manner without unpleasant surprises. You can also demonstrate that you ensure the agreed availability of services in the long term.

How to get to know about the scheduled work

Information in the portal is provided by a linked module Announcements, by the Dashboard widget and the e-mail notification. Thanks to this, users are informed about important works in a timely manner.

Prove reliability

Show that you have met the scheduled work on time. If you have exceeded some workʼs deadline, CDESK can calculate whether you are still meeting the contract terms. The best is to schedule work above objects in the configuration database, so you get directly reports with calculated availabilities that you can present to your customer.