Without a good offer you can lose customers even before they taste the quality of your products.

In the beginning was the…

Offer. Whether a new customer or a loyal regular, quality presentation of offers is the basis of a good business. You need to know to whom, when and what you offer, who solves the offer and how it progresses. The customer must be given an understandable, factually correct and neat offer to which he can respond in the simplest way possible.

CDESK will provide you with quality offer management to help turn the above requirements into reality.

Approval of offers

Systém eviduje tak Vami vystavené ponuky ako aj ponuky, ktoré ste dostali od Vašich dodávateľov.

The system keeps track of both your offers and the offers received from your suppliers.

In the first case, you will use the “customer acceptance” function. The customer can approve or reject your offer directly in the system. The space for discussion and comments is provided. Speed, transparency, effective communication.

Suppliers’ offers can also be approved directly in the system. If you want to prevent wasting money, assign permissions to selected managers.