Contents of the CDESK Desktop application documentation


The CDESK Desktop Application is primarily designed for permanent work with CDESK for users with the cheaper CDESK SILVER license. Due to the advantages provided by the CDESK Desktop Application, we recommend its use also for users with the CDESK GOLD license. It is used for operational work and more convenient management of items in the database (CMDB). It allows you to handle individual requests, work orders, record fulfillments and related activities such as status change (e.g. to “Completed”). Users with a CDESK GOLD license can edit in it as in a spreadsheet, what greatly simplifies the management of various lists.

There are some differences between CDESK Desktop Application and the web interface:

  • Spreadsheet listings with a flexible filter above each column.
  • Spreadsheet editing – edit data directly in lists without opening record detail (GOLD license required).
  • Search for data in the top search field at the same time as typing.
  • Possibility to add a record in a way suitable for the module, e.g. via the catalog of requests, via a modal window, via a new row in the table, via a new row in the table with pre-filling of selected columns.
  • Easy to navigate thanks to the possibility to anchor columns of your choice.
  • Clear right panel with record preview and editing in the lists.
  • Quickly navigate using the filters in the left panel.


The CDESK Desktop Application offers a cheaper possibility to use CDESK for operational work. Through the CDESK Desktop Application, workers have continuous access to the functions needed for daily work and, if they occasionally require full functionality, it is available via web under certain time restrictions. Another advantage of the application is that the data is stored locally on the computer that saves the server power. The same goes for the mobile app.

For users with a CDESK SILVER license, access to the web interface is partially restricted; only 25% of the users with this license can connect to the CDESK website at one time. But using the CDESK Desktop Application, users with a CDESK SILVER license are also connected continuously and at a lower cost.




Modul požiadaviek
Obrázok: Modul požiadaviek
Formulár požiadavky cez pravý panel
Figure: Request form through the right panel
Modálne okno formuláru požiadavky
Figure: Request form modal window