Record all objects in a user-configurable database.

Powerful tool with high value

Creation of a complete database of company objects, with all the necessary details and links, is a challenge even for a team of IT specialists. Even if they succeed, the product may soon need adjustments, adding new object types or new data. Because of this, programming a quality database becomes expensive and time-consuming.

Alternatively, you can use CDESK which offers you a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that meets the above criteria.

All objects in the palm of your hand. As detailed as you need.

CMDB is an advanced record keeping of all the objects you use to provide your services. Wherever they are, you have them in the palm of your hand – computers, machines, devices, buildings, operations, workplaces, etc. Together with the documentation, contracts, the history of repairs and other information you want to keep track of. In addition, objects can be linked to other elements of your business – requests, work scheduling, SLA/SLO, etc.


The unique advantage of the CDESK configuration database is its flexibility. No restrictions on predefined templates and pre-programmed fields. You can create custom groups and object types, your custom fields. You set permissions, manage SLA and SLO for each group or object type separately. All without any knowledge of programming.

No need to have a database specialist, you can create a data structure tailored to your business yourself. This is the power that makes CDESK exceptional.