Installing the CDESK Desktop Application on a computer


We will guide you through the installation of the CDESK Desktop Application step by step. It is based on the “.NET CORE” technology, the core of which must be installed on the computer and the latest Microsoft Edge browser is required for proper functioning. Both components, if missing on the computer, the installer automatically includes in the installation. The installer is available on the CDESK website under the Download section. The latest version is updated automatically and offered to you when released.

  1. In the installation wizard, choose the preferred language you want to use and then select “Next >”.
Začiatok inštalácie CDESK Desktop aplikácie
Figure: Start of CDESK Desktop Application installation
Ponúknutá inštalácia v prípade, že Váš počítač nemá všetky potrebné komponenty
Figure: Offered installation in case your computer does not have all the necessary components
Prehľad potrebných komponentov na doinštalovanie
Figure: Overview of the necessary components to install
Ukážka aktualizácie Microsoft Edge
Figure: Microsoft Edge update preview
Ponúknutý začiatok inštalácie „.NET Core“ komponentu
Figure: Offered start of installation of the “.NET Core” component
Sprievodca inštaláciou
Figure: Installation wizard step 1.7


  1. In the Setup section, check “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and then click “Next >”.
Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 2
Figure: Installation wizard step 2


  3. In the selection of the installation folder, check the “Product install path” to see if the installation location suits you. If the path does not suit you, click the “Browse” button and select the repository. If the path suits you, click “Next”.

Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 3
Figure: Installation wizard step 3


  4. Wait for the Installation Wizard to install the product.

Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 4
Figure: Installation wizard step 4


  5. After installation, verify if the “Launch CDESK Desktop Application” box is checked and click “Finish”.

Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 5
Figure: Installation wizard step 5


  6. After installation, you will see an input window in the preset language. Enter “Server”, “Username” and “Password”.

Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 6
Figure: Installation wizard step 6


  7. Wait for the synchronization to finish. If you have a new environment with few records, synchronization should be done in a matter of seconds, if you already have an environment with tens of thousands of records, synchronization takes several minutes.

Sprievodca inštaláciou krok 7
Figure: Installation wizard step 7

CDESK Desktop Application Updates

The CDESK Desktop Application itself checks for the latest available version from the central repository. If a newer version is available, an upgrade is offered.

Aktualizácie CDESK Desktop aplikácie
Figure: Updates to the CDESK Desktop application

VIn case you want to verify that you have the latest version, click the cloud button.

Tlačidlo na stiahnutie najnovšej dostupnej verzie
Figure: Button to download the latest available version

Switching to Test Versions

You can switch the CDESK Application from the production version to the Beta/Alpha test version. Versions that come directly out of development are referred to as Alpha and versions that have passed basic testing are referred to as Beta versions. Do not make the switch unless you have checked with CDESK support, as a particular Alpha/Beta version may not be suitable for your environment. You must also expect a higher labor intensity when upgrading to a more stable version, which must be done by uninstalling and installing the CDESK client. The switch can be done in My Profile -> Settings -> Gear icon.

Prepnutie na testovacie verzie Alfa/Beta
Figure: Switching to Alpha/Beta test versions